Motion Control

Motion Control Systems

Comprised of a motion controller, feedback sensor, drive, and motor, motion control systems work to fully automate production and manufacturing systems for engineers. At Minnesota grinding, we specialize in precision grinding for the numerous components that go into control systems, in order to best improve their efficiency, reliability and production capabilities. From thread grinding to bar grinding, Blanchard grinding to ID/OD grinding and more—our CNC grinding services help numerous companies involved in motion control gain the manufacturing parts and solutions they need.

With motion control, the engineer can alter the speed, torque and position of the system through altering the motion path, servo loop closure, and sequence execution. Through this process, many complicated components and parts operate simultaneously and in conjunction with one-another, for long-standing production runs. Relying on computerized systems to carry out the manufacturing process seamlessly, it is vital that every component—from bolts to internal computers—is fabricated to high tolerance measurements, with unmatched precision.

Staffing industry experts with over 61 years experience providing CNC grinding services, Minnesota Grinding is proud to offer our advanced solutions, and quality inspection services to businesses across many industries. By working closely with your staff of engineers throughout the entire design and fabrication process, we will be there to listen to our customer’s ideas and help formulate custom solutions that fit their needs. Stop in today, or call to speak to one of our trusted representatives. We can help you find the precise OD grinding, ID grinding, thread grinding bar grinding, centerless grinding, and Blanchard grinding services your business depends on. Give us a call today at 763-535-4445, or check out our website to request a free quote.


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