Aerospace Industry

Our CNC grinding services have made Minnesota Grinding a long-time trusted source for businesses in the aerospace industry. Demanding unmatched levels of precision and accuracy, aerospace engineers need every part and component to function flawlessly, and produced at the highest measurement tolerances you can achieve. Demanding such high standards of precision, we are proud to meet and exceed these customers’ expectations.

Offering CNC grinding in the departments of; thread grinding, OD grinding, ID grinding, bar grinding, and centerless grinding solutions, our capabilities can meet the needs of many different industries. In aerospace, we focus on producing exceptionally lightweight, high-precision equipment and components out of materials like titanium, aluminum alloys and plastic. Through CNC processes, we can ensure that every piece maintains its structural integrity and performance, even after altercations.

By combining CNC grinding services with advanced design and quality inspection, Minnesota Grinding can produce thousands of end-use parts and pieces of equipment for aerospace applications. Some of the most commonly produced parts include transmissions, fuel bodies, landing gear and electrical housings. At Minnesota Grinding, our team of dedicated professionals is prepared to meet your project needs with exceptional quality, efficiency and design for ease of manufacturing. From OD and ID grinding, to laping, honing and flat grinding—we are prepared to meet the needs of various industries. Call us today at 763-535-4445, or visit our website to request a free quote.


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