Our team of highly specialized technicians have extensive experience taking on the most demanding projects in a variety of materials. Using the industry’s top CNC grinding machines, our quality-assured processes guarantee results you can rely on.

Minnesota Grinding specializes in grinding high-precision parts for applications across a wide range of industries, including:


We can grind exceptionally lightweight, high-precision parts and components out of materials like titanium, aluminum alloys and plastic. Through CNC processes, and strict quality standards, we ensure that every piece meets your print specifications.

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Agricultural and Heavy Equipment

Companies producing agricultural and heavy equipment rely on our grinding services to provide the finishing touches to various hardened, machined parts and components to meet the rigorous demands required of this equipment.

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From Blanchard grinding services, to bar grinding and thread grinding—numerous parts found in cars today come from complex design and computerized manufacturing techniques. Minnesota Grinding’s team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering precision grinding services to the most exacting standards—on time and within budget.

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Dies and Molds

Minnesota Grinding’s staff of professionals perform CNC grinding services to ensure dies and molds adhere to a precision-grade design and high-measurement tolerance.

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Motion Control

We specialize in precision grinding for the numerous components that go into motion control systems, in order to best improve their efficiency, reliability and production capabilities.

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Our numerous CNC grinding services help automotive and transportation manufacturers achieve the right parts, measurement tolerances and consistent quality levels they require.

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It is our mission to offer customers exceptional value by delivering a high-quality product, on time and at a fair price. Working closely with your staff throughout the design and fabrication process, we will be there to listen to your ideas and help formulate custom solutions to fit your needs.


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