Inner Diameter (ID) grinding can be one of the more complex and challenging metal fabrication processes to take on, requiring advanced levels of precision to meet the exact measurement tolerances. Utilized for both cylindrical and thread grinding services. ID grinding can help put the final details on a multitude of parts and components. At Minnesota grinding, our combined 62 years of experience providing grinding services to companies across many industries has made us the trusted leaders in the grinding world. Here is a bit more information about how our ID grinding process works, and how we stand out compared to the competition.

Cylindrical ID Grinding

Cylindrical ID grinding is perfect for the fabrication of a number of parts and components, including bushings, punches, and dies.

ID Thread Grinding

Requiring the utmost levels of precision, ID thread grinding is used for a variety of applications requiring a robust and tight seal. At Minnesota Grinding, we have the capabilities to produce just about any thread form.

Our 43,000 square foot facility, loading dock, and 5,000 lb. crane all allow us to take on nearly any project, big or small.

Through our years of innovation, we have built out our capabilities and strengths to match the needs of many markets. Today, we are proud to serve the greater Twin Cities metro and beyond with our premier ID and OD grinding services. Trust a team with the knowledge, experience, and efficiency to handle almost any grinding project you have. Give us a call today at 763-535-4445, or visit our website to request a free quote.