What is thread grinding?

What is thread grinding?

Thread grinding is one of the most precise types of grinding. It includes the use of CNC equipment to control the movement of a grinding wheel to cut the specific thread pattern in a screw or other threaded component.

There are many different thread forms of thread grindingand the precision required for the process ensures that all threads meet exacting standards for use in any type of application.

What are your thread grinding capacities?

At Minnesota Grinding, we can provide thread grinding for any type of standard thread form from, Acme threads, to 32-degree helix angles, J threads, metric threads, and taper or variable pitch threads.

We can complete OD thread grinding up to 22 inches in diameter, and up to 24 feet in length. Our minimum thread diameter for ID thread grinding is 5/8 of an inch up to 10 inches, but we work with our customers on smaller sizes if required.

What are the advantages of precision grinding?

Using CNC precision thread grinding ensures fast, accurate production of any thread form. This reduces waste, and also ensures the threads are correctly ground into the bolt, screw, or threaded component.

What materials can be ground using the thread grinding?

All metals, alloys, and plastics can be used in the thread grinding process.

How much does it cost to get thread grinding service?

Talk to our team to get an accurate quote for thread grinding. Fill out the online quote-request form or call us today at 763-535-4445.


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