What is lapping?

What is lapping?

Lapping is a very specific process that uses an abrasive compound that is rubbed against the surface of a part or component using both a rotary (circular) and reciprocating (back and forth) movement. This is done very slowly and removes only a small amount of the surface in the process. It is typically done when extremely tight tolerances are required, or when a part, component, or surface has to be extremely flat.

What are your lapping capacities?

Minnesota Grinding can provide lapping for parts up to a thirty-six inch outside diameter, and up to eighteen inches in height. We have the equipment and the experience to manage small to large volume orders, and we work closely with our customers to optimize the process to keep costs down.

What are the advantages of lapping?

The smoothing and finishing nature of the lapping process creates a smooth surface that is free from even minor surface irregularities. The metal does not become shiny through the process, which also offers an aesthetic advantage for many types of applications.

What materials can be lapped?

At Minnesota Grinding, we focus on the lapping of metals. However, the process can also be used with ceramics, glass, silicon materials, and a wide-range of different plastics and composites.

How much does it cost for the lapping service?

Lapping can be a time-intensive process. For an accurate quote on your lapping requirements, submit a request for quote form through the website, or get in touch at 763-535-4445.


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