What is flat grinding?

What is flat grinding?

Flat grinding, sometimes called Blanchard grinding, is a surface grinding method that removes irregularities on a flat plate or part. Both processes are also known as rotary surface grinding. This grinding process leaves a unique pattern on the surface that is often highly desirable.

What are your flat grinding capacities?

At Minnesota Grinding, we can provide flat grinding on parts that are up to 10 inches by 30 inches by 12 inches high. We can also provide double disc grinding for parts up to 9 inches maximum OD for through feet grinding and up to 8.675 inches square for in-feed grinding. Parts are between 0.032 and 3.5 inches in thickness. Blanchard grinding can be completed on parts up to 42 inches corner to corner.

What are the advantages of precision grinding?

Precision flat grinding offers a smooth, flat surface, free from irregularities. With the use of precision grinding systems, parts can be produced quickly, efficiently, and at the lowest possible cost.

What materials can be ground using flat grinding?

Blanchard and flat grinding can be done on most types of metals. This includes both non-ferrous and ferrous metals including aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, mold plate, bronze, and copper.

How much does it cost to get flat grinding service?

For a quote on your flat grinding requirements, call us at 763-535-4445 or complete the convenient online request a quote form.


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