What is Cylindrical Grinding?

What is cylindrical grinding?

Metal and plastic parts can be shaped on the outside or the inside through the use of cylindrical grinding. To complete this process, the workpiece is held at a central axis, and is kept in constant rotation. This process results in precision grinding that can create create tapers, cylinders, rollers, shafts, or specific contours and shapes.

What are your cylindrical grinding capacities?

For outside diameter cylindrical grinding, Minnesota Grinding, Inc. is able to provide maximum centers of 22 inches, and maximum length of 105 inches. For interior diameter grinding, we are able to handle up to 16 inches. Our CNC ID and OD capacities are a maximum of 53 inches with an OD grinding diameter of 14.75 inches and an ID grinding diameter of 11 inches.

What is the typical tolerance level of cylindrical grinding?

As with all of our grinding services, our team works with our customers to ensure all components meet the required tolerances. We have extensive experience in providing cylindrical grinding services to 2/10000 in. for diameter, and one 1/10000 in. for roundness.

What are the advantages of cylindrical grinding?

Cylindrical grinding with our manual and CNC grinding equipment provides extremely precise parts and components. It is a very effective and efficient process, and we are able to provide fast turnaround times on both small and large orders.

Which materials can be ground using cylindrical grinding?

The most common types of materials that are processed using cylindrical grinding are cast iron, mild steels, stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition, brass and various types of plastics can also be ground using this method, and our experience allows us to work with materials other grinding companies might not be able to use.

How much does cylindrical grinding cost?

Each project is priced based on the specifics of the job. To find out more and to get a quote for your order, call us at 763-535-4445 or fill out the quote form online.


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