What is centerless grinding?

What is centerless grinding?

Centerless grinding is a process that removes the outside surface of a round part or component by feeding the workpiece between two wheels. As there is no need to use a chuck or clamp, this is a fast process that is ideal for both short and long parts.

What are your centerless grinding capacities?

Depending on the type of centerless grinding required, our capacities are different. We can provide in-feed grinding with a minimum of 0.05-inch diameter and a maximum diameter of 0.12 inches up to 7.75 inches in length, or a minimum of 0.12 inches in diameter to a maximum of 6 inches in diameter of up to 11.75 inches of grinding length. For through-feed, we can grind a minimum diameter of 0.05 inches and a maximum diameter of 11 inches, we can grind up to 24 feet.

What is the typical tolerance level of centerless grinding?

Our centerless grinding process offers tolerances of +/- 0.001 inches.

What are the advantages of precision grinding?

Precision centerless grinding provides high tolerances for the roundness of parts, optimal surface finish, fast processing, and the ability to machine soft, pliable, or brittle metals with ease and no deformation.

Which materials can be ground using the centerless grinding?

At Minnesota Grinding, we can provide centerless grinding services for most types of metals, alloys, and even some plastics.

How much does it cost to get centerless grinding service?

The cost of centerless grinding, like all types of grinding, is based on a variety of factors. To obtain an accurate free quote for your project, contact the grinding experts at 763-535-4445.


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