Precision Honing Specialists Who Get the Job Done Right

Honing is a final surface finishing operation, typically of an inside diameter. Abrasive stones are used to remove minute amounts of material to tighten the cylindricity tolerance. A slight, uniform pressure is applied to a light abrasive that wipes over the entire surface. Any type of metal or alloy can be honed. The key to working with some of the more exotic metals and alloys is to carefully choose the correct abrasive material. 


Honing and Grinding for Orders of All Shapes and Sizes

Minnesota Grinding is an established honing shop with a long track record of finishing components to an exceptionally high standard. Our honing service is fast, accurate and competitively priced. Using the latest technology and machinery, we can process large or small numbers of components quickly and effectively.


Honing and More for a Competitive Price

We work with customers to complete their honing projects on time, on budget and as specified, but we also look for ways to cut costs and improve the finished product whenever possible. If you want to explore ways to get more for your money, we have plenty of options available.


Minnesota Grinding Exceeds Your Expectations

At Minnesota Grinding, we have experience in working with OEMs across a wide range of industries. We can handle both large and small orders, and with small parts to larger components. When you need a component for your production process, we can help.  Request a quote or call us at (763) 535-4445 to find out more.


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