Flat Grinding (Surface and Blanchard)

Flat Grinding

Blanchard Grinding Makes the Tough Jobs Look Easy

When you have magnetic, flat stock or piece parts, Blanchard grinding is the solution to remove material economically. At Minnesota Grinding, we have the tools and the capabilities to remove heavy stock in the grinding process. Our equipment is able to Blanchard ground parts as large as 29.5”x29.5” or 42” corner-to-corner. If your company needs large amounts of material ground quickly, we can get the job done.


Blanchard Grinding Applications

Our Blanchard grinding services (commonly referred to as rotary surface grinding) are your premier choice for efficiently removing large stock amounts from magnetic parts. This grinding method is the most cost-effective solution for flat parts.


Our Customer Service

At Minnesota Grinding, we provide our customers with the utmost service with transparency. We get the job done effectively and efficiently while advising you on the best solution for your project. Occasionally, we will encounter tolerances that are costly to produce. When that happens, we work with customers to modify the tolerances and provide a reasonable quote that will align to your needs.


Our Team

Minnesota Grinding’s employees are among the best qualified to complete your project to specification. Our 43,000-square-foot facility offers the tools and flexibility to handle big, tough jobs.


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