CNC Thread Grinding (ID/OD)

CNC thread grinding

At Minnesota Grinding Inc., our thread grinding process is one of the best available in the industry. Our customers decide the thread form and then we deliver the perfect thread. We can easily translate any dxf file for grinding. Our process will even calculate any over-burn and/or shrinkage automatically.


We offer many unique benefits to our customers, including our many capabilities and options, and we support all of the following:

  • Acme Threads
  • Any Lead or Thread Form
  • British Threads
  • Buttress Threads
  • J Threads
  • Metric
  • Multiple Start Threads
  • Taper Threads
  • Trapezoidal
  • Variable Pitch Threads

Most of our business is acquired by referral and we operate by word-of-mouth sales to represent our solid reputation. Our customers always come first, no matter the size of an order.


We offer external and internal grinding, CNC grinding, ID grinding and OD grinding to meet all the needs of our customers. Thread grinding is often used for cavities, ball screws, core pins (electrodes), medical bone taps and worms. We provide service mainly to the following industries:

However, we are capable of handling any need across any industry.


We’re able to handle O.D. thread sizes up to 22” in diameter. We process large and small threads, but our largest capability is 27” in thread length, on a shaft up to 40″ OAL. Our I.D. thread minimum diameter is 5/8” while the maximum size is 10”. We’re also able to grind very small electrodes for you to burn smaller IDs if that is an option for your project.


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