Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding

Centerless grinding differs from other cylindrical processes because the workpiece is not mechanically constrained. It’s a precision grinding technique used to achieve roundness, surface finish and dimensional tolerances that are among the best available.

Centerless grinding typically is used over other grinding methods for projects in which many parts are processed in a short amount of time.

Any metal and many types of plastics, resins and composites can be finished using precision grinding equipment. Industries commonly requiring these services include aerospace, automotive, motion control and transportation.

Centerless Grinding Produces Finishes that are Among the Best:

Centerless grinding is the least understood method of grinding. The method differs from other grinding processes, like cylindrical grinding, because the workpiece is not restrained by a mechanical device. It is simply a relationship among the grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work blade. Speed of the two wheels relative to each other determines the rate at which material is removed.


What You Can Expect:

If achieving roundness in your applications is required, centerless grinding is one the best methods to achieve it. Dimensional tolerances, metal roundness and surface finishes will be among the best that metalworking can offer.


Additional Services Offered:

Minnesota Grinding also performs exceptional work on CNC cylindrical grinding (ID and OD), CNC thread grinding, flat grinding, jig grinding, lapping, honing, and bar straightening and grinding.

Our 43,000-square-foot facility features a dock with an overhead crane that has a 10,000-pound lifting capacity. Our team completes projects on time and within budget. If your company has an emergency order, we may be able to offer a turnaround time of 1-2 days.

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Min Diameter” Max Diameter” Max grid length
0.050″ 0.120″ 7.75″
0.120″ 6.000″ 11.75


Min Diameter” Max Diameter” Max length
0.050″ 11.000″ 24 ft


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