Bars – Straighten and Grind

shafts and bars

Bar grinding and straightening is essential to a wide range of industries—from electronic components and medical devices to aerospace and automotive. Minnesota Grinding is a leading expert in precision grinding workpieces for every project.


Bar Grinding Capabilities:

.050″ – 6.00″ diameter solid bars (up to 24′ in length, depending on diameter-to-length ratio)

Up to 10″ diameter tubing and 24′ long

This type of precision grinding cuts away unwanted areas while achieving the closest tolerance and high-precision surface finish. Using this technique helps you achieve quicker cycle-times, and improve the longevity of your collets and other tooling fixtures for your machining operations. Bar grinding is used when:

  • Accurate tolerance is needed.
  • Precise straightness is required.
  • Smooth surface finish is necessary.


Bar Straightening Capabilities:

.125 – 1.250 in diameter, and 10″ – 12′ bars


Additional Services Offered:

In addition to bar grinding, Minnesota Grinding performs exceptional work on centerless grinding of piece parts, CNC cylindrical grinding (ID and OD), CNC thread grinding, flat grinding, jig grinding, lapping, and honing.

We have 43,000 square feet of floor space and a dock with an overhead crane that has a 10,000-pound lifting capacity. Our team completes projects on time and within budget. If your company has an emergency order, we may be able to offer a turnaround time of 1-2 days. We invite you to give us a call to find out more about our services.

Call us at (763) 535-4445, or request a quote online.

Grinding of 10” dia. tubing up to 24 ft. in length or
6.0” dia. solid bars up to 12 ft. in length!

Long Bar Grinding Bar Grinding


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