Centerless grinding

One of the many services we offer at Minnesota Grinding is centerless grinding. This process is unique in that the workpiece being shaped is not mechanically constrained. Instead, it is placed between two wheels, which rotate in the same direction but at different speeds (for a more in depth explanation of the mechanics, click here). Centerless grinding provides a variety of distinct benefits, including the following:


Centerless grinding is a highly efficient process. It offers faster load times than most centered grinding techniques, and the equipment rarely needs to be reset before the end of a production run. As a result, we can use centerless grinding to process a lot of parts in a short amount of time.

Ability to Grind Many Materials

Grinding brittle materials can be a challenge; imposing axial thrust on a delicate workpiece may result in project-ruining damage. Centerless grinding mitigates this issue, as it does not involve putting pressure on the ends of the workpiece. It is therefore an ideal grinding solution for applications that involve fragile materials.


One of the most obvious benefits of centerless grinding is that it provides extreme precision. If you need great surface finishes, or tight tolerances, it may be just the right grinding solution for your application.

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