At Minnesota Grinding, Inc., we know that CNC thread grinding is the ideal solution for producing threaded parts. It provides several advantages over alternative threading methods, including consistency, accuracy, and production flexibility.

CNC thread grinding


One major benefit of CNC thread grinding is that it offers superior consistency. No matter the size of your production run, it is always important to ensure that every part you produce is as close to identical as possible. With thread grinding services from Minnesota Grinding, you can expect extremely consistent results every time. 


When it comes to accuracy, you can’t do much better than thread grinding. If precision is what you want, then Minnesota Grinding is the company you need. We are capable of achieving extremely tight tolerances on all of our thread grinding projects, which makes us an ideal partner for those in industries where accuracy is key, such as aerospace, medical, motion control, and tooling, to name a few. 

Production Flexibility

Another benefit of thread grinding is that it lends itself to general production flexibility. In a manufacturing environment, a thread grinding machine can be quickly refitted to produce a different thread, making it more efficient than methods that require different cutting tools for such adjustments. 

Our Thread Grinding Capabilities

At Minnesota Grinding, we have extensive thread grinding capabilities, and can handle projects that require: ACME threads, British threads, J threads, multiple start threads, taper threads, variable pitch threads, trapezoidal threads, buttress threads, and more. 

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