Precision Lapping Services

Precision lapping services are highly sought after in the metal fabrication world. Lapping is commonly chosen when fabricating or finishing a metal part with tight flatness requirements. This process helps companies achieve exceptionally smooth finishes, with minimal material removed from the surface. At Minnesota Grinding, we help businesses across the Twin Cities and beyond source comprehensive grinding services, including lapping. To help your business select the ideal service for you, give us a call.

Lapping is Ideal for Flat Surfaces

Companies implement the lapping method to remove small amounts of surface material very slowly, to help achieve an extremely close dimensional tolerance, along with a smooth surface finish that is not shiny.  While the process does produce a matte finish, parts will often measure at a 4-8 on the Ra. Scale or better. This method is achieved by applying a lapping compound against the workpiece in rotary and reciprocating motion.

At Minnesota Grinding, we have invested heavily in the very latest lapping equipment to offer extensive lapping services for businesses across numerous industries. Along with our robust capabilities and expansive facilities, we employ a team of experienced grinding professionals that can handle projects both simple and complex. Through collaboration with your company, our team aims to deliver peak quality, efficiency, and affordability for your project. We offer our lapping services for part sizes up to 36″ O.D. x 18″ in height. In need of emergency lapping services? We have the ability to offer 24-hr emergency lapping services to finish your products exceptionally quick, with the highest of quality standards.

Let Minnesota Grinding be your premier grinding services partner, with robust lapping capabilities. Our dedicated team of professionals, paired with impressive capabilities make us an easy choice for Twin Cities businesses and beyond. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 763.535.4445, send us a message through our contact form, or request a quote today!